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Why should you book African holiday trip with Kilinge Adventures?

Selection of Best Tanzania local Tour company or Tanzania Travel Expert or Best Private Tour guide for Kilimanjaro and Safaris among thousands of tour operators is very important and probably is the first thing!

The following are some of the reasons to why you should choose Kilinge Adventures to organize/arrange your genuine African Safari Holidays to Tanzania.

  1. Safety is Priority One

Tanzania local tour companyMost especially for Kilimanjaro trekking adventures; we have a great success rate on our climbs but the first priority is everyone’s safety. Our guides are all equipped with pulse oximeters and in addition to keeping a close watch of your condition they will take daily readings of your blood oxygen saturation levels. We carry oxygen cylinder on every climb but it’s only to be used to go down the mountain.

  1. The best Tanzania travel Advisor

Really good advice is the cornerstone requirement for any ‘specialist’ safari and trekking holiday, and will turn your experience of Africa from a ‘good’ holiday to an ‘exceptional’ holiday. We only specialize in Tanzania (and its Indian Ocean Islands) and our team of adventurer specialists is continually travelling to check up on places, visit new destinations and learn about the practicalities of travelling around the country.

  1. A friendly, personal and caring African adventure holiday service.

Planning and booking a Kilimanjaro trekking Adventures or Tanzania Wildlife safari or any other activities, a specialist should be fun and energizing experience. We have always been a small company offering a very personal service. All of our customers are extremely important to us and treated as such, and we meet many of them in person, either when planning their holidays (where practical), at travel shows or at social functions we arrange. We are passionate about Tanzania and genuinely care about the success of every holiday we arrange.

  1. A totally professional service at all times.

We endeavor to provide prompt responses to all enquiries and questions, clear and correct information at all times, flexibility throughout and attention to detail with your preferences and requirements. When you travel with us, you always have our full support and back up, as our management teams are on hand 24/7 in case of any difficulties or emergencies.

We have professional local Tanzania Guides both for Kilimanjaro Trekking Adventures and Wildlife Safari in Tanzania.

Our Guides are certified, licensed and very experienced Tanzania travel experts.

  1. Good value for money.

All our customers require good value for money and fair pricing every time they travel. On a more subtle note, our specialist knowledge is crucial in ensuring you really make the most of your holiday budget.

6. Best Tanzania local Tour Company

We are basically the best Tanzania local tour company because we don’t just send you to the respective attractions of Tanzania, but we go together and enjoy the beauty of Tanzania together. Kilinge Adventures is the group of professional local tour guides, we make adventure to Tanzania much greater!

About Us

Kilinge Adventures dreamed of bringing tourists into this beautiful country, having the best Kilimanjaro Trekking experiences with the African wildlife experiences and be able to share the best of what Africa has to offer especially our lovely country Tanzania.

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