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We are local Tanzanian travel experts formed best Kilimanjaro Trek company and best Safari Operator in Tanzania. We are committed to offering local experiences such as Mount Kilimanjaro climbing experiences, Mount Meru Climbing Experiences, Tanzania Wildlife Safari Experiences, Tanzania cultural and Day tour experiences and Zanzibar beach holidays. At Kilinge Adventures, we offer you a unique and comprehensive selection of tours that are tailor made to suit your schedule and budget. Please give us an opportunity to organize your African dream holiday!

Kilinge Adventures is a Tanzanian Travel tours and safari company owned and run by certified and licensed Kilimanjaro and Safaris guides.

With over 05 years since its founding, Kilinge Adventures has always been one of the best Tanzania Travel specialists in Kilimanjaro Trekking tours to the Summit of Kilimanjaro, commonly known as Uhuru Peak or Roof of Africa. We also arrange tailor-made safari tours in Tanzania. We are Best Kilimanjaro Trek Company and Tanzania Game drive Safari operators.

During Tanzania Safaris, Kilinge Adventures use a very wide range of accommodation options, from adventurous tented camps, mid-range lodges to luxurious safari lodges, and our ability to do this is based entirely on our extremely in-depth knowledge of the regions in which we specialize in and on the safari industry in general.

In addition to dedicated tailor-made ‘wildlife safaris’, we also specialize in more general remote adventures, cultural experiences, mountains climbing and beach holidays to wonderful places of Zanzibar. It is easily possible to combine a wildlife safari with other interests. We genuinely tailor-make each holiday, starting with a ‘blank canvas’ and finding out what your requirements are and what is going to suit your best choice.

As we offer such a wide range of holiday options, our customers vary enormously in age, interests and requirements. Single travelers, couples, families, groups of friends, honeymooners and photographers are all travel with us.

Unforgettable African Adventures

Your Kilimanjaro Trekking Adventure and Genuine African Safari Holidays will give you a unique chance to see unique trees, Roof of Africa, majestic elephants, mighty lions, slender antelopes, joyful zebras, stealthy cheetahs and hundreds of other animals in their natural habitat.

The big 5 is a must see when choosing a Safari holiday with Kilinge Adventures, the best Kilimanjaro Trek company and Tanzania Safari operator.

 Our Tanzania Travel Experts

We’re a quirky mix of travellers and adventurers; some fancy the jet setting life of luxury while others prefer things more rough ‘n tumb. Either way, we pay high attention level to our clients for their lifetime memories. We love Africa and have experienced its magic enough times to visit.

Best Tanzania Safari Package

Our Safari Vehicles

At Kilinge Adventures, your journey begins with your initial booking and runs right through to your last moment with us. Our safari vehicles are custom-built, fully equipped to suit our style of travel and designed with your comfort in mind to get the best out of your Tanzania Adventure holiday.

  • Professional, Experienced & knowledgeable driver guide
  • Guaranteed window seats
  • Roof pop-up for easy game viewing
  • Modified soft seat covers with safety belt
  • Bottled water available during safari
  • Added safety: 2 spare tyres, VHF radios, mobile phone
  • Inverters to charge electronic equipment

Our safaris vehicles are often undergo extensive pre-safari inspection from bonnet to boot, tyres to rooftop to ensure they are in good condition for a trouble free safari. Naturally, with the conditions of the roads that we travel, we still have the occasional problem. When this happens, is when you can truly appreciate the importance of travelling with a company with the scope and experience.

Having the best vehicles is not enough. Kilinge Adventures also has the best Safari drivers/guides, each with years of experience and knowledge, who understands that he is the second most important part of every safari. He also understands that the customer is the most important.

Our Story

With 5 years of experience, Excellency in African Adventure Holidays has always been our top most. Kilinge Adventures dreamed of bringing tourists into this beautiful country, having the best Kilimanjaro Trekking experiences with the African wildlife experiences and be able to share the best of what Africa has to offer especially our lovely country Tanzania. Bringing people closer to the nature and preserving the welfare of the animals has always been close to our heart.

There are many tour companies in Tanzania. We wanted to start a business which was locally run and operated by Tanzania professional and experienced tour guides so that all of the money goes back into the local community, goes back to helping families as tourism is such a major part in sustaining locals.

So by choosing Kilinge Adventures to let show you through our country, you will be supporting local families and communities and building a better future for them. You will experience amazing scenery, wild African animals, birds and adventures which you never thought possible.

Join our adventure and support the locals….!

About Us

Kilinge Adventures dreamed of bringing tourists into this beautiful country, having the best Kilimanjaro Trekking experiences with the African wildlife experiences and be able to share the best of what Africa has to offer especially our lovely country Tanzania.

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